BOA Corner: Countdown to Rechartering

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Another quick update to Mu Omega’s rechartering……

As I had indicated in previous posts, Frater Nick Kimble, recruiting director with TKE HQ, had been planning to make a multi-day visit this spring to Mason to meet with administrators and staff. He had also planned to use the time to scope out some prospects in anticipation of open recruiting in September. As you can imagine, the coronavirus has caused a change in plans. Because of a combination of campus and HQ restrictions, Frater Nick has had to cancel the visit. He will continue to meet with Mason administrators and staff, but electronically. At this point, it is unknown when a site visit can and will take place.

Although the turn of events is most disappointing, it does not change the fact that TKE **WILL** be back on campus at Mason. The only thing that may change is the when. We just need to remain flexible and prepared to act when circumstances allow.

As always, I keep y’all posted.


Mark Monson
BoA Chair

1002 Days:  How you can help

I met with Chris Niles, Director of Alumni Engagement for TKE HQ, over the weekend, and among many other things, we discussed the idea that not all alumni can help all the time.  We are businessmen, fathers, husbands, partners, marathon runners, volunteers in other groups and just all around busy people.  Everyone loves TKE, but not everyone can help out the same way, or even wants to.  That said, there’s plenty of work to be done.  If you want to help, we will appreciate it.  The three big things that all fraters have to offer are Time, Talent, and Treasure.  Here is a brief discussion of all three:

  1.  Time.  Come join us for a BOA interest meeting on April 25th!  See old friends, meet new ones, and help us look for even more.  If you want to reconnect with your pledge brothers or old Hegemon, let us know, we will help you do that.  You could blog, or go through databases, or send emails to fraters to help us keep in touch.  I have never met a single frater who volunteered for TKE that turned away help when it was offered.  If you want to help, let’s find a way to make it happen.
  2. Talent:  Maybe you are a great editor, or website designer, or a teacher. Perhaps you are an emerging social media guru, or do the world’s coolest pivot table in Excel. Maybe you are a lawyer, or an accountant and have unique analytical skills.  Maybe you can just shout really loud and your boys from 30 years ago come running.  Fraters like this may not be able to come regular board meetings, but could be “on call” for special issues when they arise.   If the thought of serving on a board doesn’t work for you, but you want to be available, this is the category for you!
  3. Treasure:  If you cannot come to the meetings or have time to help out, you can financially support those who do have that time.  You can give directly to the Mu-Omega Alumni Association and/or join Life Loyal TKE.  Both have several benefits, and both could use your support.If you don’t want to give directly, you could help by letting the board meet in an office conference room you have access to, or buying lunch at a board meeting, or supporting a purchase of printed materials.

Not all helping needs to be huge or formalized.  Every post shared, every frater contacted and reconnected with, every dollar given creates ripples of impact that help us all.  We will need your help in the next thousand days.  How can you help?  We can make this dream a reality if all do the lifting together.


1050 Days:  That was a great Homecoming…now what?

So we had a great Homecoming last weekend and saw fraters from scroll number 71 all the way into the upper 800s.  It’s always an incredible time to have fun, see guys you haven’t seen in a while, enjoy a frosty beverage and revel in the fraternity.  I also had some good conversations with university leadership about paving the way to our return, so it was a great event all around.  Bravo to those fraters who organized the event as the Alumni Association’s tailgate is a signature event and always has a great crowd….

We then  promptly struggle for the rest of the year to get people out to any other event in the other 364 days of the year.  On the BoA, with no fun recruitment and a lot of governance and rechartering work, we have this problem multiplied by a factor of 10.  How do we convince fraters to give up their time and talents to actively restore the Mu-Omega chapter to GMU?  BoA leadership isn’t “fun” in the same sense as homecoming, but it is a labor of love, or rather, of Love, Charity, and Esteem. It is also particularly rewarding when something comes to fruit because of your work, and I’d welcome anyone to join up and take that journey with us.

That said, I think we can make it fun and come together as fraters doing this important work.  TKE HQ has just published a great guide on how to restart your chapter, and I’ll be reviewing it and discussing some of those items here.  If you’re interested in serving on the recolonization committee, please email me at



1072 Days:  Start the Countdown

In February 2016, I got terrible news from GMU’s Office of Student Conduct. The active chapter was suspended for four years. If you haven’t read the meetings and emails about that situation,please email me directly; but I’d prefer to look towards the future and work on things we can fix. 2020 may seem like a long time away, but there’s lots of work to be done and time flies when you’re doing good work. That said, I think we can make it fun and come together as fraters doing this important work.

I’ll be detailing those plans of recolonization in future posts. But for now realize that one quarter of that time has already elapsed and 2020 is a “mere” 3 years away. All future posts in this corner will be counting down to 2020, and talking about the work we are doing. I welcome you all to come along with me on the greatest TKE journey we are ever going to take.

2020 is 1072 days away. Start the countdown.