Top Teke Honor Awarded to Mu-Omega

Dear Fraters,

I am proud to be the bearer of great news, our own Mu-Omega chapter has been selected as a 2013-2014 Top Teke chapter! Granted to only 12 out of the over 250  chapters this year, Mu-Omega is finally getting the international recognition it so richly deserves. For more information and for a full list of the winners, please go to the TKE page announcing the honorees.

During the 2013-2014 year, Mu-Omega has distinguished itself through it’s recruitment efforts,GPA improvement and especially through the amazing philanthropy done during the inaugural “Teke Week” where our undergraduate fraters raised just over $7,000 in a week, far exceeding even their ambitious goals.  Earlier this year, Mu-Omega was recognized with five awards by George Mason University for their hard work, and to have this be the capstone of a stunning year is truly amazing achievement.

You have helped the chapter too! In giving an annual gift to the alumni association, in coming to social events and strengthening your Bond with other fraters, in volunteering your time to serve in board positions on the Board of Advisors or the Alumni Association, even in sharing this email with everyone you know, you have played a part in making our chapter a Top Teke chapter this year. One of the things that International HQ looks for is the formation of an alumni association.  So simply by keeping this association active, you are doing your part to help the active chapter. Alumni Association funds also helped underwrite Teke week, and alumni association support and membership has provided guidance and education to younger members of our chapter.

Please continue to support the alumni association and the chapter as you can, be it financially, socially, or through service on our Board. It is a truly amazing way to make an impact and moments like these are the reward. I admittedly though, am a bit biased in my pride for our guys, so here are some words of encouragement and congratulations from TKE CEO Donald Aldrich:

“On behalf of the International Headquarters of Tau Kappa Epsilon, I want to congratulate the Mu-Omega Chapter at George Mason University for their tireless work in winning a Top TKE Chapter Award for 2013-14. The men at Mu-Omega are an example of the impact that Tau Kappa Epsilon can have on campuses and communities. The over $7,000 raised for St. Jude and 29 men recruited are just a couple examples of the successes that your men accomplished. Congratulations to the collegiate men, alumni, volunteers, and advisors who earned this great honor. We are excited about what this group can accomplish moving forward!”




And also Grand Cryosphlyos Chris Hanson adds:

“Congratulations to the fraters of Mu-Omega on this amazing accomplishment.  We are always proud of your work and achievements, but especially so today.  We truly are making better men for a better world.”


We will be sharing this news all over social media using the hashtag #gmutopteke please join us and generate your own content and use the hashtag to connect everyone and share in the excitement of today’s news.  We also will be keeping a full series of congratulatory notes on our website including Frater Aldrich’s note above, notes from Grand Officers, and anyone else who wants to comment. Look for that link to go live very soon.

This is an amazing springboard to start the 2014 academic year, which will be Mu-Omega’s FORTY FIFTH ANNIVERSARY. So please join me in wishing our fraters well. Send a note to the Histor with well wishes, make a donation to the alumni association  or to TKE itself in their honor, or come out to the next social event. Without your support we wouldn’t be what we are, so thank you again.

I love this Fraternity.

Yours in The Bond

Chris Townsend, a proud Mu-Omega #645
TKE Mu-Omega Alumni Association, Inc.


Fraternity For Life at GMU April 27th, 6pm


Join the Mu-Omega TKE Alumni Association and DC TKE Alumni Association for a Fraternity For Life Ritual on April 27th at GMU Fairfax Campus at 6pm.

The FFL Ritual is for newly graduating and Alumni Fraters to learn the final meanings of the TKE bond that is carried on beyond graduation, and for the rest of every Frater’s lifetime. This is a ritual meeting to be held with Badge attire for all attendees. Only initiated Fraters with Alumni status may attend this ritual.

The room number will be distributed when the location is set.

RSVPs are not required but are greatly appreciated.

RIP in Chapter Eternal Frater Christopher McCarthy Mu Omega #742

We are saddened to hear of the loss of a fellow alumni Frater in the Bond. Christopher McCarthy was a beloved member of our Fraternity, and he will be greatly missed. The following are the remarks from the active chapter Prytanis, regarding a memoriam ritual to be held this weekend.


It is with a heavy heart that I have to send this message regarding the death of a Mu Omega Alumnus, Chris McCarthy. I would like to first extend my sincerest condolences to all who had the pleasure of knowing this esteemed Frater. We are all Brothers in the Bond. A loss of both a great friend, family member, and Frater is devastating to us all and I would like to reach out and offer any help that myself or the active chapter of Mu Omega can provide. This Sunday, the active chapter will be holding a formal chapter meeting with appropriate badge attire. I have bought black ribbon to be draped upon the badges of all initiated Fraters to symbolize mourning for the loss of this esteemed Frater. A moment of silence in remembrance of Frater McCarthy will also take place during ritual. If any Fraters would like to attend, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated if this email could be passed along to any Fraters close to Frater McCarthy. This event has truly reminded me that we all stand as one, Brothers in this strong and never ending Bond. The thoughts and prayers of Mu Omega both past and present are with Chris, his family, his friends, and his brothers. Again, my sincerest condolences and please let me know if there is anything myself or the chapter can do to honor Frater McCarthy.

Yours in the Bond,

Brennan Outar
President – Mu Omega Chapter – Tau Kappa Epsilon
Vice President – GMU Interfraternity Council
George Mason University

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.14.04 PM

Alpha Phi & TKE Alumni Happy Hour Mixer


Please join alumni members of Alpha Phi and TKE for a joint happy hour at Velocity Five, also known as Social Haus in Clarendon. We look forward to seeing you there!
Invite your friends and share freely!

Drink & Food Specials Include:
$3 domestic drafts, $3 house wine, $3 rail mix drinks, $3 Velocity Shooters.
$3 sliders, $3 Cheese Quesadillas, $3 Cheese Fries, $3 Nachos from 3pm to 8pm

March Madness Bracket Tournament!

Hey everybody, it’s about that time that we all look forward to, March Madness time!

Join our challenge and enter in your bracket for FREE. Just go to the website below and enter ‘GMU‘ as the password (case sensitive, must be ALL CAPS, no quotes)

If you are an active supporting alumni member, you can win the $200 prize! Not sure if you are an active member? Go here and look for your scroll number.

If you’d like to support us with an Annual Member Endowment for the 2014 year, you can do so up until the start of the tournament and become eligible for the prize.

Last year, I won the tournament in an amazing final win, and I want to challenge every Frater here to sign up and try to beat me!

Here’s to another great tournament season.

Yours in the Bond,

Chris Townsend, #645
Alumni Prytanis and TKE NCAA Tournament Bracket Defending Champion


2014 Chapter Awards

Fellow Alumni Fraters, your contributions of guidance and financial support through alumni association giving have gone a long way. The Alumni Association and Board of Advisors have been working on developing future TKE leaders in our active chapter, and they are blowing us away with all they have accomplished. This chapter is on their way to TOP TEKE!
The active chapter Histor would like to share some news about FIVE awards they recently received. Thank you again for all of your support!
Here is the list of the awards we received last night:
Standard I: Scholarship
Standard II: Leadership & Engagement
Standard III: Chapter Management & Self Governance
Philanthropic Program of the Year for TKE Week
3 Star Chapter of Excellence
These awards were given for meeting and exceeding the standards to which every organization is expected to meet. Being awarded the 3 Star Chapter of Excellence shows that the chapter is doing exceptional in it’s involvement with the school in all areas os academics, philanthropy and community involvement. The award for Philanthropic Program of the Year was given to us as we were selected among all the nominees to have the most outstanding philanthropy this past year. With our chapter involving not only the Greek community but the entire Mason community and exceeding our goal by over $2,500, Mason Fraternity and Sorority Life decided that Tau Kappa Epsilon was deserving of this award.
As for the remainder of the year, we have not lost the momentum to go on and conquer Greek Week! I have been acting as Greek Week chair and we have started preparing three weeks ago. The chapter, along with the rest of our Greek Week team, is very motivated and excited to do well this year in Greek Week. Greek Week is only a few weeks away and we are beginning to really get down to business as it gets closer. One thing we would like to ask the Alumni Association for is with the Can Food drive competition. We have plans to go to the surrounding areas to collect donations, but every little bit can help. If the alumni would like to donate I am sure a couple of brother can organize a time to go around an collect the cans! Just let me know if you have any questions. In the newsletter I will be sending out by the end of this week I will include the date, time and place of the Greek Week events.
Jose Aguimatang #810

Have you heard about The Order of the Shield?

The Order of the Shield is a unique way for our Fraternity to recognize our Fraters who have served in the military, and to promote the unique bond they share with each other. The Order has also established and awards a scholarship to a Frater who is currently serving or has completed his service towards his military obligation.

For more information, check out The Order of the Shield Website.
The Order of the Shield was formed several years ago to honor all our Fraters who have served or are currently serving in their country’s Armed Forces.  Since you may not be familiar with the Order, I’ve enclosed a brief history of the Order of the Shield.  Membership is open to recognize both alumni military Fraters and undergraduate military Fraters, living or dead.  Currently, we have over 600 members in the Order, with an additional 300 Fraters in the process of registration for membership in the Order.
There are a number of Alumni Associations and Chapters currently in the process of identifying their military Fraters and inviting them to join the Order.  As a result of their efforts, these groups have already registered almost 50 new members in the Order over the past several months members and have identified another 50 men we are in the process of registering.
While we have taken steps to reach out to all our military Fraters to make them aware of the Order, there are many Tekes out here who haven’t heard about our organization. You can help us spread the word. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Yours In the Bond,
Charles J. Trabold 
Colonel  USA  Retired
Kappa-Kappa Chapter
Monmouth University