Lost Fraters


We hope this note finds you, and your entire extended family safe and healthy during the uncertain times due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary since becoming the Mu Omega Chapter for Tau Kappa Epsilon, your alumni association is asking for your help today.  No, we aren’t looking to reach into your wallet – we need your time, and energy.  Nearly 43% of our 910 alumni do not have an email address registered with TKE.org.  Think about that for a moment.  Averaging nearly 20 members a year, that stat means at least 8 Fraters from your pledge class are “missing.”

As we continue to build the association, with an eye toward chapter re-instatement in the fall, along with the 50th anniversary celebration, now is the time to reconnect with our old friends and fraters.  The ask is simple.  We need 5-10 volunteers that are willing to spend time finding and reconnecting with these men.  The good news is, nearly 75% of these fraters did register with a telephone number.  So, we can reach them, with your help.

We are looking to split each decade in half and have a Frater focus on a 5-year period close to when you were in school/initiated.  So far, we have one Frater who is busy at work.  We need at least 4 more.  If interested, please contact Frater Rick Lowrey at richardlowrey@verizon.net. 

Thanks in advance for your help.  We hope to see you in October at the 50th anniversary celebration.

Yours in the Bond,

Mu Omega Alumni Association Board Members

TKE for Life

TKE Mu Omega 50th Anniversary Celebration

Hope each of you, and your family are safe and healthy through these challenging and uncertain times.  The Alumni Association is concerned for each of you.  Feeling isolated, reach out to a frater you’ve lost touch with.  With an eye past the uncertainty of today’s environment, your alumni association is hard at work planning our golden anniversary.  We hope both the timing and the circumstances allow for a tremendous turn-out of old friends past and present.

50th Anniversary Celebration Event:

Who:      All GMU Mu Omega TKE alumni, little sisters of TKE, and friends
Where:   Old Town Hall (Huddleson Library), Main Street, Fairfax, VA.
When:    October 16, 2021, 7:00 PM

Please visit our information page and click on the RSVP link