2018 Elections – Alumni Three Fires Saturday October 13th

Notice of the Mu Omega TKE Alumni Association Annual Meeting

Mu Omega TKE Alumni Association:
Join us on Saturday October 13th starting at 3 PM for Alumni Three Fires (ok, its a pub crawl). We will visit the following locations in downtown Fairfax:
Red Hot & Blue- 3:00 – 3:40
Hard Times Cafe – 3:50 – 4:30
Auld Shebeen 4:45 – 5:00
Plan on spending thirty to forty five minutes at each site.

Meeting and election at Auld Shebeen starts at 5:00.
We look forward to some fraternal fellowship and handle our annual business.

Two by-law changes to the AA will be discussed and voted on. First to add Pylortes as an elected Officer. Second that the sitting Mu Omega BOA chair be a non voting member of the Alumni Board.

The Nominating Committee Slate for the coming year is:

President: Joe Kennedy
Vice President: Steven Payne
Treasurer: Chris Turpin
Recording Secretary: Don Early
At Large (2): Ray Cuevas, Mark Monson
Pylortes: Gary Martin

2018 Elections – Nominations Open

Greetings fellow Mu Omega Alumni Fraters

It is that time of year that the Election Committee reaches out to the Alumni membership to canvas and identify Fraters that would have an interest and the time to serve on the Alumni Board.
We are always looking for fresh input, new ideas, and perspectives. This is a great way to continue to serve Mu Omega’s Alumni Members.
If you are interested, please contact via PM on Facebook or by email, either Gary Martin or Don Early .
We look forward to hearing from those Fraters that have an interest.

Don Early
Mu Omega Alumni Association

2018 Homecoming – February 10th – 1 PM Lot K

Bring out your friends and family to help the Mu Omega TKE Alumni Association celebrate GMU Homecoming 2018!! Things kick off at 1pm in Lot K with the Pregame Block Party! BYOB but we will be providing some food.  Please note the alcohol policy for GMU: https://homecoming.gmu.edu/block-party/ 

We do not have a reserved TKE section for the basketball game but feel free to coordinate with your friends to catch the game at 4pm.

There is no “official” after party location but Oh George’s, Brion’s and Fat Tuesdays will be locations that most Fraters will locate.

Ray Cuevas
AA Homecoming Chairman

Founders Day Dinner January 11, 2018

The initial Mu Omega TKE Founders dinner was held on Thursday January 11th, 2018 starting at 7 PM in the memory of late Frater Jim Brincefield. Jim’s family (wife Jill, son Jimmy and and his parents) were in attendance. Also present was Chris Hanson, Grand Prytanis of Tau Kappa Epsilon who presented a special citation to Jim’s family.

Nominating Committee: Slate of Officers

Fraters here is the Report of the Nominating Committee for The TKE Mu Omega Alumni Association. The Following Fraters are presented for your consideration as Officers & At-Large Members of the Board of Directors for 2017-2018:

President: Joe Kennedy
Vice Pres: Billy Reilly
Secretary: Don Early
Treasurer: Chris Turpin
At-Large: Ray Cuevas
At-Large: Gary Martin
The meeting has been called for September 20th at Hamrocks Restaurant in The City of Fairfax.

Respectfully submitted by Steve Payne, Chris Townsend and Billy Reilly.

Call for Nominations


We are just 3 weeks away from the Annual Meeting of the TKE Mu Omega Alumni Association on September 20th. One of the agenda items will be to elect Board members for the coming year. I am writing to ask for nominations for the Board of Directors. The current board seats are filled as follows:

President: Joe Kennedy
Vice Pres: Billy Reilly
Treasurer: Ray Cuevas
Secretary: Don Early
At Large: Chris Turpin
At Large: Gary Martin

All seats are open and the current Board may be re-elected. Any member in good standing who has paid his annual dues may run for any seat. Yes, you may nominate yourself. If you are interested, please send an email either to Steve Payne at spayne9932@verizon.net or to Chris Townsend at christopherlee.townsend@gmail.com or Billy Reilly at cme4ale@aol.com by September 13, 2017. For those who will be unable to attend the meeting a proxy ballot will be sent out soon.

Thank you all for your continued interest and support of the association

Fr Jimi Foreso


Just learned that a one of our Fraters  is battling brain cancer – Fr Jimi Foreso (Scroll 544) and the family could use our help.

Here is the link to donate to help his family – https://www.youcaring.com/frjimiforeso-865490

Its time to take care of one of our own – please help if you can.