Association Dues

As with all facets of life, this association and its mission and charter relies on the generosity of the membership at-large, and their willingness to contribute financially to support our programs.  

The Association’s mission and charter includes:

  • Fellowship.  Just like being an undergraduate Frater, being an alumni allows us to maintain and encourage the relationships we built during our time at GMU.  One of the main aspects of our AA is to enhance the ability to maintain and grow the fellowship we have with other TKE alumni.
  • Scholarship.  We created the Mu-Omega Memorial Scholarship Fund (nee Frater Gene Barnes Memorial Scholarship fund) nearly 40 years ago.  Recognizing the legacy of fraters who have passed to chapter eternal, we hope to continue his legacy by sponsoring undergraduate TKEs in their educational endeavors.
  • Professional Development.  What good is an association, post completion of your academic studies, if you cannot leverage the greater association to advance your business career.  With 50 years of graduates, at all stages of various business careers (Doctors, Lawyers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, etc.), our AA will further your career.  We strive to further the professional development of all mu-omega alumni.

In order to support the association mission, we’ve established funding goals to support this mission.  The association board unanimously approved the following funds distribution including Fellowship (10% of your dues to support administrative and fellowship programs), Professional Development (40% of your dues to support programs focusing on broadening our ability to enable professional networking), and lastly Scholarship (40% of your dues will go directly to the Mu-Omega Memorial Scholarship Fund administered by TKE IHQ).

TEKEs For Life

In order to maintain being a member in good standing – dues are $25.

$10 - Directly to the Mu-Omega Memorial Scholarship Fund
$10 - Funds association efforts to expand professional development
$5 - Funds all other association expenses.