Annual Meeting Recap

I began the meeting by introducing the Board-Elect and thanking them for their hard work in getting us off the ground. I also introduced the current treasurer and vice president from the active chapter who were also able to join us at the meeting.

We established that we would like to participate in supporting the active chapter by participating in their philanthropy efforts whenever possible. The active chapter mentioned three upcoming philanthropies that they are going to be promoting: a walk for the Alzheimer’s Foundation, eating at Chili’s on September 28th to support St. Judes,  and also a Book Drive to support an effort by the US State Department to help rejuvenate public libraries in the salah ad din province of Iraq. TKE men have always kept helping others in our communities and around the world as a value very close to our hearts. Please keep an eye out for additional info on these programs to come shortly.

The Fraternity For Life ritual will serve as our Initiation for members of the Alumni Association. Members must be current on Alumni Chapter finances and RSVP by the due date in order to participate. This ritual will be held during a formal meeting, twice a year. Recent graduates and other alumni who have not yet attended the ritual, will renew their Bond to TKE as Alumni Fraters. The proposed date for this ritual to be held this semester is November 17, 18, or 19th… depending on availability of resources. This will be nailed down soon, as the event planning will require us to reserve a space that allows for complete privacy to preserve the integrity of ritual equipment. Any change to the schedule will be communicated via the appropriate channels, and a RSVP of attendance will also be distributed well ahead of the event.

I mentioned that I received a Fundraising plan that was put together by one of our members, that can be used as a resource whenever we work on programs to raise money for the association or to support philanthropies. This document will be kept on file and be made available to any committee members interested in using it.

The President and 25th Anniversary Chair of the DC Capital TKE Alumni Association, Tony Clemens and Gary Lazor, announced the upcoming 25th Anniversary Celebration Gala Banquet to be held in Arlington on October 9th. They extended an invitation to us all to attend the event. Mu Omega will be honored at this event with the presentation of our official Charter of recognition by TKE International HQ. Please RSVP and join us at the Gala Banquet

A planning committee was formed to begin preparations for a 40th anniversary celebration for the Mu Omega chapter to take place this upcoming February in 2010. The planning committee consists of Billy Reilly, Scot Braun, Brendan Hill and Jim Winkler. They will be coordinating with the active chapter to team up on at least one big event, potentially even coinciding with GMU’s homecoming. Big thanks to these guys for volunteering.

Our Treasurer-Elect Steve Cheek shared his report on the alumni association’s finances. This report is on file and can be made available upon request.

Active chapter Crysophylos Mike Jenkins presented the Chapter Report, sharing the recent successes that they have accomplished and also informing us of their upcoming recruitment goals and schedule. It’s great to see our chapter still thriving on campus after 40 years and nearly 800 initiates into our Bond. This report will be kept on file and made available to any member interested in it.

Our Secretary-Elect Scott Kazem reviewed our three business items:
a. Increase Board to 9 members
b. Alignment of Officer positions with TKE National
c. Election of Board for terms of 1 year.
Each item passed voting.

The 2009-2010 Board consists of:
Christopher Hall – Prytanis
Kevin Geist – Epi Prytanis
Scott Kazem – Grammateus
Steven Cheek – Crysophylos
Billy Reilly – Hypophetes
Eric Mauthe – Histor
Pete Robertory – Pylortes
Mike Lamb – Hegemon

The ninth spot on the Board, while put into effect via the election will remain vacant, as it is intended to be filled by the Past Alumni Prytanis who has just relenquished his office of leadership, and we are on our first group of officers.

The floor was opened to anyone suggesting items for new business. Tom Block shared some information about the Blondes vs. Brunettes charity event. Please make an effort to support this cause as well.

The meeting was then adjourned and the members enjoyed extra time for camaraderie and networking.

The official minutes from this meeting will be kept on file with the secretary.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Chris #651