Major Announcement

Earlier last week on our facebook page, we mentioned that we had a fantastic board meeting and will be sharing a very big announcement soon. Well now that we are very quickly approaching conclave, we would like to formally announce our largest endowment of support to the active Mu Omega Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon in quite a long time.

As you may know, every two years each chapter is required to send at least one active Frater to Conclave, but every TKE who has experienced a conclave knows that the bonds you form with your fellow Fraters from your chapter are some of the strongest.

Many chapters have experienced that the cost of attending conclave ($769 for a quad room rate) is a major hurdle in many collegiate members being able to participate. Over the past several months, TKE alumni board members of the Alumni Association and Board of Advisors have combined our efforts and contributed funds to send THREE additional Fraters to Conclave in Washington DC. With financial support from our dedicated 40+ years of alumni, we are excited to make this investment back into the Mu Omega Chapter, and have this group of TKE leaders bring the valuable experiences they gain at Conclave back to share with the rest of the chapter.

Between individual conclave attendance grants and a Fraternal achievement award presentation, a total of over $2000 was contributed, all stemming from your alumni support.

Now more than ever, it is so important for us each to take ownership of this incredible milestone, and be able to claim that “I contributed to the ongoing and future success of Mu Omega!”

Please consider supporting us with a 2013 Annual Member Endowment, or a general purpose donation.  Thank you very much, Yours In The Bond.


2013 Annual Member Endowment