An Invocation

Over the last 4 years we have truly come together as an alumni chapter, 40+ years in the making. We have rekindled friendships, reunited long lost fraters and channeled a tremendous amount of support towards our active Mu Omega chapter.
The next few weeks are a very exciting time for us, we hope you will plan on attending our Fraternity For Life Ritual this upcoming Sunday, September 8th. This ritual unveils deeper meaning in our Fraternal bond, and serves as the official welcome for new graduates into the alumni association. Older alumni who have not yet experienced this ritual are especially invited to attend, and come to truly understand the meaning of the phrase “Tekes for Life.
Please email if you plan to attend.
Secondly, our annual business meeting is scheduled for 9/19, so mark it on your calendars as this promises to be the big social event of the fall. We will trouble everyone with about 20-30 min of new business, ratify the new board for 2013-2014, and then commence the social portion of the evening.
And finally, a very big personal thank you from me to everyone who has continued to support financially over the years. Sending 4 Fraters to Conclave this year was really a fantastic achievement that we couldn’t have done without you. I hope you will join us at the annual meeting and hear firsthand how your support has made a tremendous difference in the lives of our undergraduate Fraters. If you would like to ensure that your membership is up to date and in good standing, you can show your support with a 2013 Annual Member Endowment here:
Venerable Alumni Prytanis, fellow Fraters, I love THE Fraternity.
Hope to see you Sunday!
Chris #651

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