Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Homecoming But Were Afraid to Ask

Dear Tekes and Friends of TKE,

Homecoming is nearly here!  Below is a quick reference guide for the weekend:

All Weekend Long:  Starting tomorrow: Stop by the 29 Diner and dine normally and when you check comes, ask for a donation to be made to the TKE Alumni Association!  Ten percent of your check will come to us as a fundraiser.

Friday Afternoon:

Friday Night:

  • ·    The SOLD OUT 45th Anniversary Partyis happening at the Blenheim Interpretive Center from 7pm-11pm.  Tickets are indeed sold out, but we may have a few cancellations to get you in if you make a donation to the Alumni Association, so if you are interested in coming and have not bought your ticket, contact me immediately! (christopherlee.townsend at gmail dot com)
  • The event will have food and drinks, I’m calling it “heavy appetizers plus”, more than toast points, but perhaps not quite a full meal for us hungry folk.  We will also have some dessert on hand too!  Food is coming from several of partner organizations, Red Hot and Blue, Brion’s Grille and the 29 Diner.  Please take care of them for the rest of the year like they are taking care of us tomorrow!
  • ·         Suggested attire is Jacket and Tie/Cocktail attire.  While we won’t be turning people away, we’re going to have VIP guests there and be taking pictures to send to TKE HQ, GMU, and other outlets.  It will be standing room only, so wear comfortable shoes, but be prepared to dance and have a good time with everyone!
  • There will be a short formal program, where we pay homage to the past and look to the future, but for the most part just be ready for some fun.
  • We’re going to have some places at the venue to take photos and selfies with old and new friends.  Please share them widely!  Suggested hashtags for the event are: #masonTKE45, #since1970, and of course #IAMTKE

  •  We do need to depart Blenheim promptly at 11, but don’t worry, we have something planned for the after party if you’re up for it…

Saturday — Happy Valentine’s Day

  • Tickets are still available for the Homecoming game.  Follow this link and use TKE as the password to get in our group block.  This is only available until Friday night at midnight, after that you’ll have to get group tickets.
  • Tailgating starts at 1pm in K lot.  The Alumni Association has helped to provide some fine roasted pig in honor of the occasion and bring your own beverages or other meat to share.  _______  Look for the big TKE letters
  • The Game is at 4pm  GO MASON!
  • We’re not doing anything formal after the event, but we’d always recommend Brions (hosting an open event with a cover charge), Red Hot and Blue, or the 29 Diner (open all night) as a place to continue the party.


  • You still want more?  Go get brunch at the 29 Diner and try to recall events of the weekend as best you can, or review silly pictures from the reunion.  Remember that donation to TKE!

That’s it!  Who’s ready for a great weekend!

I love this Fraternity

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