Have you heard about The Order of the Shield?

The Order of the Shield is a unique way for our Fraternity to recognize our Fraters who have served in the military, and to promote the unique bond they share with each other. The Order has also established and awards a scholarship to a Frater who is currently serving or has completed his service towards his military obligation.

For more information, check out The Order of the Shield Website.
The Order of the Shield was formed several years ago to honor all our Fraters who have served or are currently serving in their country’s Armed Forces.  Since you may not be familiar with the Order, I’ve enclosed a brief history of the Order of the Shield.  Membership is open to recognize both alumni military Fraters and undergraduate military Fraters, living or dead.  Currently, we have over 600 members in the Order, with an additional 300 Fraters in the process of registration for membership in the Order.
There are a number of Alumni Associations and Chapters currently in the process of identifying their military Fraters and inviting them to join the Order.  As a result of their efforts, these groups have already registered almost 50 new members in the Order over the past several months members and have identified another 50 men we are in the process of registering.
While we have taken steps to reach out to all our military Fraters to make them aware of the Order, there are many Tekes out here who haven’t heard about our organization. You can help us spread the word. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Yours In the Bond,
Charles J. Trabold 
Colonel  USA  Retired
Kappa-Kappa Chapter
Monmouth University

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