2014 Chapter Awards

Fellow Alumni Fraters, your contributions of guidance and financial support through alumni association giving have gone a long way. The Alumni Association and Board of Advisors have been working on developing future TKE leaders in our active chapter, and they are blowing us away with all they have accomplished. This chapter is on their way to TOP TEKE!
The active chapter Histor would like to share some news about FIVE awards they recently received. Thank you again for all of your support!
Here is the list of the awards we received last night:
Standard I: Scholarship
Standard II: Leadership & Engagement
Standard III: Chapter Management & Self Governance
Philanthropic Program of the Year for TKE Week
3 Star Chapter of Excellence
These awards were given for meeting and exceeding the standards to which every organization is expected to meet. Being awarded the 3 Star Chapter of Excellence shows that the chapter is doing exceptional in it’s involvement with the school in all areas os academics, philanthropy and community involvement. The award for Philanthropic Program of the Year was given to us as we were selected among all the nominees to have the most outstanding philanthropy this past year. With our chapter involving not only the Greek community but the entire Mason community and exceeding our goal by over $2,500, Mason Fraternity and Sorority Life decided that Tau Kappa Epsilon was deserving of this award.
As for the remainder of the year, we have not lost the momentum to go on and conquer Greek Week! I have been acting as Greek Week chair and we have started preparing three weeks ago. The chapter, along with the rest of our Greek Week team, is very motivated and excited to do well this year in Greek Week. Greek Week is only a few weeks away and we are beginning to really get down to business as it gets closer. One thing we would like to ask the Alumni Association for is with the Can Food drive competition. We have plans to go to the surrounding areas to collect donations, but every little bit can help. If the alumni would like to donate I am sure a couple of brother can organize a time to go around an collect the cans! Just let me know if you have any questions. In the newsletter I will be sending out by the end of this week I will include the date, time and place of the Greek Week events.
Jose Aguimatang #810

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