Formal Charter Presentation Announcement


I have just been given some incredible news from Frater Tony Clemens, the President of the Capital Area TKE Alumni Association.

Frater Gary Reed, the President of the TKE Educational Foundation will personally be formally presenting our TKE Mu-Omega Alumni Association with our Official Charter, as part of the 25th Anniversary Gala Banquet for the Capital Area TKE Alumni Association.

This will truly be a special occasion, as Alumni Associations are not usually formally presented with their Charters.
We are ALL invited to attend the Gala Banguet being held Friday, October 9th at the Sheraton Hotel in Arlington. I would love for you all to join me to be a part of this historic occasion!

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP using the form on their website here.
The Facebook invite can be found here, please RSVP here as well if you have FB and the event will be tracked on your calendar.

Details of the Event:
What – DCAA 25th Anniversary Gala Banquet
When – Friday, October 9, 2009
Where – Sheraton Arlington Hotel (discounted rooms available at
Dress – Black-tie optional
Cost – $75 per person, cash bar; includes complimentary champagne toast; buffet dinner, assorted desserts, coffee/teas; souvenir program and commemorative giveaways
Time – Cocktail reception, 7-8:00pm, Stars Room; Dinner Buffet & Program, 8-11:00pm, Galaxy Ballroom; TBA 11:00pm+

Payment for the event can be made via the paypal link on their site, (at the bottom)  or by sending a check to:

Washington, DC TKE Alumni Association
9630 Milestone Way, Ste. 4057
College Park, MD 20740

My date and I have already RSVP’d to attend, and I hope you all will be able to join me in this historic celebration!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Chris Hall
Mu-Omega #651

What is a “Charter Member”, and how do I become one?

Several Fraters have asked me “What exactly is a Charter Member? Is that different from a regular member?” so I’ll see if I can help explain it better here.

The short answer is that a Charter Member is not really a different status than a regular Member. I am qualifying any member who joined our association prior to us receiving our charter from Nationals, as a Charter Member because I think they deserve special recognition for their commitment to help us found this organization. If I didn’t get a good amount of interest from you all I wouldn’t have pursued setting this up, but your encouragement has really been a driving force behind its creation.

Charter Members have agreed to support our association without knowing exactly what was in store for them, and to me that means it must have required a lot of good faith, and great TKE spirit!  It’s easy to want to join an already established, successful organization, but those of you who have already committed your support sight unseen have really impressed me.

For example, the budget will not be put in place until it is approved at our first business meeting coming up in a couple months. I have been able to outline our operational costs so far, and also propose a set amount for dues, but I won’t be asking for dues payments from our members until you all have a chance to vote on the budget.  What I’ve been very impressed with is that several members have already contributed dues payments prior to the finalization of the budget, which is a tremendous support in covering our initial incorporation and chartering costs, and getting us off the ground. To me, this is exactly what being a Charter Member is all about, showing your committment to our Fraternity and helping us have a strong launch in any way that you can.  If you are already a member and want to show your support for us in this way, the easiest method is to use the paypal links on the right side of our website’s home page. I promise it’s incredibly easy. As soon as we’ve gathered enough money to cover the initial costs of incorporation and chartering ($225.00), our Vice President will be submitting the application to TKE HQ and we will have the final piece of the puzzle. We will always be open for continued membership recruitment, but the window of opportunity to say you supported us strongly from the very beginning is quickly drawing to a close!

Thanks again to you all for your continued support.


Chris Hall

Mu Omega #651

If you haven’t joined yet, just send an email with your

  • Name:
  • Scroll#:
  • Chapter:
  • Email:
  • Address:

to and I’ll add you to our roster.

Financial Contributions – Annual Dues & Donations

Greetings Fraters,

I wanted to let everyone know that since we have incorporated, I have opened up a checking account for the association for us to operate from.  Our initial expenses are as follows:

I have fronted the $75.00 to cover the incorporation fee, but we will need to pay the Chartering Fee out of our new checking account. As is necessary, the budget to be proposed at our first Business Meeting will include an annual dues line item of $25.00 per member.  I wanted to set dues at a modest amount for our first year, and let the membership see what we are able to accomplish with this dues amount, and then later decide if we all want to contribute more in hopes to accomplish more.

Many Alumni Fraters have asked me how they can contribute to our success because they are not close in proximity and don’t have much free time to spare. Well gentlemen, this is certainly a way that you can make a big impact to our efforts of starting some quality programs to support the active chapter.  Many Fraters have also asked me how they can contribute more above and beyond our annual dues amount, so I wanted to open up the ability for anyone to easily make donations to the association. As we are a nonprofit organization, these donations will be Tax Deductable! Our Treasurer, Frater Steve Cheek, has begun filing for our tax deductable status so we simply ask that you hold off on filing your deductions until we announce that the formalities have been cleared.

Annual Dues and Donations can be submitted in check form made out to TKE Mu Omega Alumni Association Inc. to the Treasurer at:

Steve Cheek
Accounting Solutions Network, PLC
2111 Wilson Blvd. Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22201

Your payment will be recorded in our ledger for our records. A convenient alternative to mailing a check is to pay dues or donate via Paypal online using a credit or debit card. Payments should be submitted via the buttons on our website, on the sidebar of the homepage.

In principle, I believe in formally recognizing and thanking those who support our association, but we will respect any requests made to keep donor information anonymous. Simply note this in the check memo or paypal notes if desired.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at and ask away.  Thanks in advance for all your support!



Newsletter-01_5-12-09 and other updates.

Here is the newsletter I posted to the facebook group last month. Now that the website is up and running I’ll be archiving these here.

We have come a long way in a short amount of time. I am having an initial meeting with the interim board of directors next week. Currently, the interim Board of Directors consists of:

  • Chris Hall – Prytanis
  • Kevin Geist – Epi-Prytanis
  • Scott Kazem – Grammateus
  • Steve Cheek – Crysophylos

The agenda for this short meeting is as follows:

  • Update on incorporation paperwork (Scott)
  • Update on financial information and management, Tax EIDN etc. (Steve)
  • Update on recruitment and membership (Chris)
  • Ideas for budgeting and dues gathering (Steve)

By the end of this meeting, all board members will have the information they need to :

  • Submit chartering application to the national office (TKE HQ).
  • Set up a checking account in the Association’s name.
  • Set up a paypal account linked to the checking account to make payment of dues easier
  • Establish a budget.
  • Establish agenda for first official business meeting.
Also, Frater Billy Reilly has begun setting up our first social outing. Time and Place will be announced next week.
I recently sent out friend requests on facebook to a couple hundred fraters living in the area (DC-Metro and greater VA). I am currently in the process of sending out welcome messages and adding their information to the roster as they join. This is somewhat of a time consuming process, so if you are reading this and wondering “when will I be added to the official roster and invited to the group?”, please feel free to shoot me a reminder message via facebook or email and I’ll try to respond asap.
-Chris Hall
Mu Omega #651