Initiation update and Newsletter

As mentioned on our Facebook page, last night the Mu Omega chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon initiated 14 new men into the Bond. Congrats to the Gamma Nu class! Our scroll is now up to #840.

Also, the active chapter Histor has prepared an Alumni Newsletter to keep our members up to date with chapter activities. There are some great photos included as well. Check it out below!

TEKE Feb. 2013

The Scroll – Alumni Newsletter May 2011

The chapter Prytanis, Histor, and Hegemon have prepared a new issue of The Scroll, an informative newsletter for Mu Omega alumni to keep up with the happenings inside our triangle.

Also, our active chapter Fraters have set up accounts with to help streamline their operations and communication. The benefit of this tool for alumni is that we can also have access to their schedule, events, and discussion forums. If you are an active member of the Alumni Association you should get an email notice shortly with an invitation to participate or you can certainly opt-out and just get updates from this website as always. If you have not received an invitation to join the chapterboard community and would like to, please email Chapter Histor Dave Randolph at

Newsletter-01_5-12-09 and other updates.

Here is the newsletter I posted to the facebook group last month. Now that the website is up and running I’ll be archiving these here.

We have come a long way in a short amount of time. I am having an initial meeting with the interim board of directors next week. Currently, the interim Board of Directors consists of:

  • Chris Hall – Prytanis
  • Kevin Geist – Epi-Prytanis
  • Scott Kazem – Grammateus
  • Steve Cheek – Crysophylos

The agenda for this short meeting is as follows:

  • Update on incorporation paperwork (Scott)
  • Update on financial information and management, Tax EIDN etc. (Steve)
  • Update on recruitment and membership (Chris)
  • Ideas for budgeting and dues gathering (Steve)

By the end of this meeting, all board members will have the information they need to :

  • Submit chartering application to the national office (TKE HQ).
  • Set up a checking account in the Association’s name.
  • Set up a paypal account linked to the checking account to make payment of dues easier
  • Establish a budget.
  • Establish agenda for first official business meeting.
Also, Frater Billy Reilly has begun setting up our first social outing. Time and Place will be announced next week.
I recently sent out friend requests on facebook to a couple hundred fraters living in the area (DC-Metro and greater VA). I am currently in the process of sending out welcome messages and adding their information to the roster as they join. This is somewhat of a time consuming process, so if you are reading this and wondering “when will I be added to the official roster and invited to the group?”, please feel free to shoot me a reminder message via facebook or email and I’ll try to respond asap.
-Chris Hall
Mu Omega #651